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Enterprise Advantage

QA Enterprise Advantage is a centralized/corporate system with the capability to aggregate data from multiple data sources such as corporate databases, site data acquisition servers, OSI-PI™ systems, fuel databases, etc. allowing for a complete enterprise reporting and data presentation solution. Data is aggregated on demand, eliminating all data reconciliation issues. Corporate GHG reporting is available as an option in QA Enterprise Advantage.

  • Web-Based Reporting and Trending
    • One location for all system access
    • Powerful user access management with role based security
  • Trending
    • Powerful and efficient means to interact with the data at any time for both repetitive and ad-hoc data analysis
    • Simple drag and drop interface that gives power to the user for the analysis and interpretation of the data
  • Microsoft Excel™ Reports
    • Familiar tools to design, deploy and manage reports
    • Provides open user interface for all custom reporting and calculation requirements
  • QA Emissions Structure
    • Logical presentation of data for facilities, units, programs, etc.
    • Normalizes all source level naming conventions

  • Legacy spreadsheets can be automated to retrieve data
  • Provides a complete open reporting environment
  • Reports can be saved to the web portal or simply used only in Excel™
  • Standard Reports
    • General Average
    • Emissions Totals
    • Operating Time
  • Other Reporting Opportunities
    • Air Permit
    • Consent Decree
    • Regional Emission Caps
    • Dispatch
    • Emissions Trading
    • Forecasting/Projections