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Advantage Products

Executive Summary

The QA Advantage family of products is a full environmental reporting solution meeting all data monitoring and reporting requirements from source level measurements to enterprise wide aggregations. The system is designed for multiple compliance programs such as Part 60, Part 75, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Mercury, Opacity, Particulates, etc. Operational data can be monitored in real time against permit limits to optimize plant up-time and performance. A simple web browser environment is utilized for all data presentation and management activities. The power of open reports in Microsoft Excel™ and agile ad-hoc reporting through interactive trends for real-time and historical analysis allows the end user complete control on data presentation, management and reporting.

A logical data organization (QA Emissions Structure) is engineered for your specific business needs. Data is found in QA Advantage by navigating the QA Emissions Structure for environmental reporting. Trends and reports are created by simply dragging the data items onto the workspace and saving the final presentation to the system.

QA Advantage Systems are comprised of three distinct products: QA Enterprise Advantage, QA Site Advantage and QA Emission Point Advantage.